House of Wellness

House of  Wellness

House of Wellness is a six week program that has given our students something to strive for while enhancing their on campus experience. Each semester the office of Athletics and Wellness works in collaboration with Residence Life, and selects 12 students for the challenge. This program gives students the opportunity to learn the essential components of optimal health and total fitness.

This program consisted of numerous exercises to aid in strength building, endurance, and cardio vascular training. This type of training not only results in improved muscular strength and endurance, but also contributes to several other benefits. Some of these benefits include; increased body composition has helped some of our student’s increase their levels of lean body mass, and in turn reduced their body fat percentage. Other benefits consists of injury prevention, ability to age gracefully, improved quality of life, enhance self-image, and in some cases it has  been proven to prevent diseases such as insulin resistance, blood pressure, and body fat. At the duration of the six week challenge a champion is named based on levels of commitment to the program, goals met, and most improved body composition.